Marching Forward After 30-Year Faithfulness to Original Aspiration:The Celebration of the 100,000th Donator’s Small Donation.
Date: 2017-09-19

  2017 is a red-letter year for Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation, for it is the 30th anniversary of the founding of our Foundation. And 13th September of 2017 is also a red-letter day when the 100,000th donator is to come into being. The staff are on standby at donation site to look forward to the special donator.


  99996th……99997th……99998th……visitors constantly come into donation site to donate. As the target number is coming, the staff are increasingly expecting. All staff are curious about who will be the 100,000th one? At this moment, a woman in white accompanied by her friend comes into donation site and asks how to donate. Under our staff’s guidance, she writes down donation information. This very lady is the 100,000th donator of our Foundation.



The 100,000th donator comes into being!


  With the approval of this lady, we conducted a special interview and invited her to share the idea about pandas and panda protection.


  This lady, whose family name is Luo comes from Hongkong. She says she loves panda very much, but she got the information of panda only from videos and cartoon images in the past. Therefore, she always had a dream to see a real panda with her own eyes which has been realized by the trip to Chengdu. And she thinks pandas are so cute to be loved.


  Ms.Luo says she knows pandas are rare animals which require lots of human and financial support to survive and to protect their living environment, so she makes her humble effort to donate to pandas. Ms.Luo also praises Panda Base forits beautiful environment and for most visitors who abide by the rules and do not disturb pandas.


  According to Ms.Luo it is very lucky to be the 100,000th donator of our Foundation which is destined for she loves pandas so much. She also says environmental protection and public welfare link all of us and hopes everyone should not do anything bad to environmental protection.


Ms.Luo receives the souvenirs.


Ms.Luo is accepting our interview.


Holding the donation certificate, Ms.Luo takes photo with a panda toy.


  With the aim to provide fund for the conservation, breeding and researches of endangered and rare species like the giant panda, to improve the in-situ and ex-situ conservation of these species and to promote the sustainable development of wild species, our Foundation has raised funds from the community since its foundation for 30 years. The Foundation supports the programs related with pandas, promotes the exchange of talents and protection propaganda work, and carries out some education programs on panda conservation. The achievements of the past 30 years depend on supports from all aspects, apart from these 100,000 donators. All of these help endangered rare animals like the giant pandas grow and live endlessly.





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